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Jan 23, 2013 4:00pm EST
israel will close lower than it opens if it gaps lower, i still think that there is a way to get it in short here. since that 705 top, seen sellers come in on any rally. going to gap lower. the options market was implying a move to the downside about $36 by friday expiration so that's lower. could see another $14 from the down side into friday. >> what you're looking at is the bets being placed in the options market right now, and they seem to be suggesting come friday when we get an expiration that this stock will be appreciably lower from here. that's why you're thinking about putting a shot on right now, yes? >> yes, correct. >> okay. so this is a short-term trade, but this stock has already gone from 700 something down to 500 and something. do you think the trend is going to go lower from here? >> absolutely. you know, since that blowoff top at 705 seen sellers come in on every rally that the seller has found. since the beginning of the year, broader markets have touched new multi-year highs on a daily basis and apple massively underperforming and still have downside here. the p
Jan 7, 2013 4:00pm EST
emerging markets around the world. >> another risk you bring up is the jibs. that's japan, israel, and britain. >> that's right. china is rising, the middle east is exploding, and europe is muddling through. each has one country that happens to be the special ally of the united states that is outside and can't do anything about it. china's rising and japan can't have a good relationship with them. they're really increasingly by themselves and facing conflict. the middle east is exploding. israel is on the downside of every one of those relations whether it's egypt or jordan or turkey. and the europeans are muddling through but ultimately are improving and tightening in the eurozone. where are the brits? they're outside. these are the three countries the united states has a special relationship with. they're our allies yet they're countries that are impacted very negatively by the unmooring happening today. >> with all these risks, where do i put my money? >> i think there are a few emerging markets becoming more developed. places like brazil and turkey. but also the strong developed ma
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2